Marketing Solutions

Solutions our team provides partner institution are collaborative in all aspects. Ideas and programs that are prepared do not come from a generic library of options. We work interactively with each partner to ensure all aspects of our services are consistent and relevant to the FI's goals.

-Marketing Trends & New Solutions
Bringing you new ideas, trends and cost effective solutions regularly.
-Social Media, Online Marketing & Email Marketing
Getting the most out of your digital and social touch points with automation, management, analytics.
-Branch Marketing Platforms
Reviewing and recommending your lobby POS signage. Providing new, cost effective ways to cross-sell to your existing customers.
-TV, Radio, Print, Billboard
Negotiation, creation, implementation and execution of all out of home media.
-School Charity Affinity Programs
Helping you leverage your relationships with your schools and build a stronger community presence.
-Business Development & Sales Training
Providing sales training, cross-selling and business development coaching.
-Annual Reports
Full custom creation and design of your annual reports.
-Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
Working on your behalf to negotiate the best deal possible for your institution.
-Networking With Our Partner Institutions
Connecting with our vast network of partner institutions for peer-to-peer consultation.
-Balance Sheet Management Strategy
Providing a comprehensive review of your balance sheet and segmentation reports for strategic marketing direction.
-Product Review & Competitive Analysis
Providing you a comprehensive analysis of your product line up and competitive line up.
-Strategic Planning & Execution
Providing full strategic planning support with your executive team.
-Same Day Communication Policy
If you contact us, we will follow up with you the very same day, guaranteed.
-Monetized Marketing
Providing you monetized solutions you can see.

Strategic Planning

Marketing is a key component in managing the drivers of the bank. We work interactively with you to create results driven strategies and a competitive edge over your competition. Our team understands the importance of balance sheet management, portfolio concentration, interest rate risk management, and the dynamics that power these areas of the bank.

Digital Marketing

Interactive marketing is a cost-effective platform to communicate with your marketplace. We work with partner institutions to hyper-focus messages and content that is relevant to the audience(s) chosen. Our digital strategies engage the market, strengthen corporate identity, and monetize marketing efforts. Search engine optimization, search marketing, social networking, and web development are key deliverables we provide to partner institutions.